We’ve worked on numerous projects and this page lists our favorites. Our ability to successfully support initiatives and help with project implementation is based on our core strategies: Connect. Communicate. Collaborate. Our favorite initiatives are the ones below because they’re grounded in teamwork.

Pepper Family Genealogy (more details coming soon)

Feminist Parenting

Reflecting on Empower Missiouri and a Lifetime of Service: Conversations with Mary Kay McPhee

M.A.G.I.C. (Midwest Afro-American Genealogical Interest Coalition)

Quindaro Ruins (updates coming soon)

Citizen University

Civic Seminary

Alliance for Economic Inclusion (information is on the way)

Money Smart KC

#ListenFirst & National Conversation Project

KC Connectors

We believe in teamwork so we connect, communicate and collaborate! We share information and resources because we understand the importance and power of increasing access to information and resources. We’re amplifying core messages that empower others to do the same using a collective impact strategy we call #TeamEncouragers.
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book launch! Feminist Parenting

I’m so happy to share this good news! I was invited to write a chapter in a book about Feminist Parenting. The book will be published in April 2020! “Rethinking Feminist Parenting: Perspectives from Africa and Beyond asks and considers: What is feminist parenting? Is it something for all parents? What does it mean to be a feminist parent in practice? The collection aims to fill a gap on feminist parenting in the existing literature by bringing timely post-Western perspectives. More specifically, the anthology’s main contribution is its explicit focus on feminist parenting from the margins to the global periphery: from Africa and its diaspora, from the Global South to Europe and America. The 27 parents from diverse backgrounds, walks of life and countries gathered in this anthology share powerful responses to the above questions by narrating their experiences of some of the challenges, dilemmas, promises, and compromises of parenting with a feminist perspective. The volume is one of the first collections published with first-person essays describing very touching, beautiful and sometimes painful stories of what it means and more importantly what it costs to become a feminist parent with an intersectional approach. In doing so, the authors of this book aim at (re)claiming parenting as a necessarily political terrain for subversion, radical transformation, and resistance to patriarchal oppression and sexism.”