dealing with gossip…

Reflection ~I was recently in the presence of gossipers. What I learned about myself that day was to absolutely not participate, for any reason, in the conversation. Gossipers seek to destroy others not realizing they’re destroying themselves. Trust will be lost because gossip hurts. Relationships will be lost because gossip harms. Gossip contains words that are difficult to take back because the person had no business saying them in the first place. 

Catching up does not include gossip. Hearing how someone’s marriage failed is not catching up. Hearing about someone’s downfall isn’t catching up. It’s unhealthy and toxic. People who gossip are up to no good so it’s best not to become one of them. 

photo by Faith Matthews

Being a good person requires compassion and kindness so I choose to give both to gossipers while practicing Maat and loving thy neighbor as myself. Maybe, just maybe, gossipers will learn to do better when they know better. There’s absolutely no need to say negative things about other people. 

Observation ~Gossipers are hurt people who try to hurt and harm other people. Their behavior is self-destructive so doing your best to not get caught up in their situation is the best kind of self-care. Ase/Amen. 

Maat ~ 2019 March
our focus…
7. I live in truth.
9. I speak with sincerity.
11. I offer words of good intent.
12. I relate in peace.
14. I can be trusted. 
18. I remain in balance with my emotions. 
21. I spread joy.
25. I create harmony. 
30. I act respectfully of others.
32. I follow my inner guidance.
35. I give blessings.
38. I praise the Goddess and the God.