what we do…how we can help

Building Community Capacity is a social enterprise operating at the intersection between education and community development. We use problem-solving strategies grounded in collaboration and collective wellbeing because it’s one of the best ways to leverage resources, create synergy, and increase positive outcomes. The goal is impact we can measure, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

We’ve developed expertise in education, employment and career development, housing, mental health, and teambuilding. We facilitate collaborative work so diverse individuals, organizations, and institutions can work together to create solutions. We perform formative and summative evaluation to provide on-time feedback that increases the ability to course-correct and decreases the tendency to get stuck at an impasse. We research best practices so we can customize solutions to the culture and setting in which we are working. We can create curriculum that’s user-friendly and culturally competent. Our ability to create indicators that will measure impact helps customers and program participants understand their progress and ability to be successful.

We can help with…

Connecting the dots ~Connecting you to information and resources is at the heart of our work. We explore possibilities and opportunities to help you reach your highest potential.

Applied Research ~This is the kind of research you can put to use. We’ll discuss what you need and why. We’ll produce what you need to meet your goals.

Advocacy and Activism ~We know how to speak up and we’ll find out who we should be talking to. We’ll get the conversation started. We’ll help you keep it going so you can achieve the goals you want.


~Create and provide a continuum of learning opportunities for children and families

~Develop and implement training opportunities in education, career, and business development

~Increase access to quality educational resources

~Use participatory strategies to develop curriculum for self-empowerment

~Measure progress using social and economic indicators

creatively and culturally designed by Faith Matthews