the answer you seek…

The answer you seek is already in your soul. Already in your Spirit. Speaking within and all around you. Just listen.

James Weeks

Across the King’s River is “a rich collection of insightful essays, powerful affirmations, and strategies for spiritual, emotional and financial wellness. Tens of thousands of spiritual speakers around the world have been touched by James Week’s online essays and affirmations on Facebook. Now in book form by popular demand, a rich collection of Weeks’s insights and inspirations has been gathered into a powerful, 147-page volume called Meditations Across the King’s River. Weeks’s stories and life lessons were written during his travels throughout the Caribbean and West Africa as a priest of Ifa, an ancient spiritual tradition that originated with the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Here, readers will find hope, encouragement, and wisdom to sustain them on their soul’s journey.”

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